Gentle, effective and non-invasive holistic therapies to support well-being, enhance vitality and nurture healing. Book a personalised consultation or healing session.


holistic therapies

Holistic Therapies

Personalised consultations to enable co-creation of the ideal formula for your purpose. All consultations come with one take home blend in a recyclable glass bottle or jar.

There are three options to choose from:

Flower Therapy: Flower Essences Align

Flower essence healing is pure, non-intrusive and harmless. The essences heal the body, mind and soul, emotionally and physically, facilitating the return to wellbeing. They are benign in their action and there are no unpleasant reactions. 

Absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth, flower essences enter directly into the bloodstream. The vibrational imprint of the essence is then transmitted throughout the bloodstream, influencing the endocrine system, the nervous system, the nadis and the chakras. They can be taken by all ages and there is no danger of overdose or side effects. They are effective for animals and plant life. They are gentle and simple, yet very subtle and profound in their healing. 

Aromatherapy:  Aromatherapy Attunes

Essential oils treat the whole person, mind, body and spirit.  As well as treating specific conditions they also help us fight disease with our own bodies' natural resources.  Essential oils may be absorbed into the bloodstream by olfaction (smell) or via the skin.

Homeobotanical Therapy: Homeobotanical Remedies Activate and Stimulate

Practitioner only blended remedies are prepared from herbs and then potentised in a homeopathic manner to support a wide variety of imbalances.  Each remedy in the homeobotanical range is specific to an organ or system within the body. The remedies can be taken individually or combined to treat almost any complaint. The healing response of these pleasant tasting remedies is gentle and suitable for people of all ages, and for both chronic and acute conditions.  

45-minute consultation including bespoke formula $80




Services include care of palliative clients in any setting, whether at home, clinic or hospital. Reiki is a spiritual practice originally from Japan that promotes balance through hands on healing.  

1 hour $80 | 1.5 hours  $120


healing touch

Healing Touch

A relaxing, nurturing, heart-centered energy therapy that uses gentle touch to clear, balance, restore and support the human energy system.

1 hour $80 | 1.5 hours  $120




Find clarity in a busy, fast-paced world and live with greater purpose, balance and ease.  

1 hour $80 | 1.5 hours $120


aquarian healing


A kinesiology based practice for restoring balance and enhanced well-being.

1 hour $80 / 1.5 hours $120



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