Learn the art of Japanese Reiki or create your own flower essence or perfectly prescribed skin cream. Your well-being is in your hands.


Introduction to using Essential Oils for common ailments

Learn about 10 essential oils and 5 carrier oils that can be used to assist with everyday maladies

Each class is six hours and you will take home one oil blended by you, recipes for future use and the ability to make up formulas for your own well-being and that of your family. 

Introduction to using and formulating Flower Essences

Learn how flower elixirs can be used to help us bring nature back into our everyday modern lifestyles.

  • Principles and techniques of flower essence therapy

  • Methods of prescribing and using flower essences for yourself

Each class is three hours and you will take home one 30ml spray bottle of a flower essence blend  formulated by you especially for you.

Introduction to creating your own perfectly prescribed skin creams & oils

Learn how to blend a perfect skin cream and which essential oils to add to make the ideal blend for you.  

Each class is three hours and you will take home one 30ml jar of cream and one 10ml bottle of oil blended by you especially for you.


Reiki One (Shoden of first teaching)

Learn the history of Reiki, the principles and techniques, healing the self.   After this two day class you will be able to confidently give Reiki to family and friends.

Reiki Two (Okuden or inner teaching)

Going deeper, initiation into the sacred symbols, healing across time and becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner.

Each course is taken over two days (12 hours) and includes a comprehensive manual and certificate.


Learn practical tools to:

  • Manage stress and resolve conflicts

  • Create a calmer mind and balanced emotions

  • Increase your energy levels and maintain a positive outlook on life and it’s challenges


Empowering classes are offered throughout the year by request. To request a course please fill out the below form:

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