Silver Shadow Aura Spray

Silver Shadow Aura Spray

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Silver Shadow selectively allows one to perceive any dark forces which may be around, and allows us to be selective in what we allow into our space; Shadow Facing enables us to look at our own dark side and see (within the safety provided by Silver Ghost) those elements of our own psyche which are allowing these negative attacks to take place. This is different to the rest of the Defender Series which create protective shields at different levels of the psyche. One now feels safe even in a hostile environment, knowing that one's internal structures have also been addressed and protected.

The oils of the yellow label version give more augmentation to the action of Shadow Facing, whilst the blue label has more emphasis on the action of Silver Ghost. However this difference is subtle, and both are very effective on both elements described above.

With Essential Oils of Frankincense, Sandalwood and Vertiver (yellow) or Leleshwa, Myrrh and Neroli (blue)

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