Defend & Protect Aura Spray

Defend & Protect Aura Spray


There is a kindredness of spirit between Defender from the Dark and Protective Presence. Both orchids display a fierce attentiveness, warding off malign influences. When one is faced by external negative entities, this is a very powerful combination to provide protective armouring for our spirit. It helps to re-energise our determination to move forward on life�s difficult paths, with a deeper sense of our true worth. The signature of the Protective Presence is that of ancient symbolic and protective spirits of the Chinese dynasties, and the "wrathful deities" of Tibetan paintings. Defender from the Dark complements this energy entirely, making it yet more effective.

With oils of Myrrh, Rose Otto & Sandalwood (blue) or

With Atlas Cedarwood, Leleshwa & Sandalwood (yelllow)


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